Look Amazing in Minutes With These Quick & Easy Beauty Tips


Want to drive your Valentine crazy this year?

Here are some great beauty tips that will make you look amazing in minutes. You can choose any, some, or all of these flirty tips….you know what your man likes!

Quick and easy makeup tips:

  • With a large brush apply loose powder all over your face to get rid of any shine or oily spots.


  • Curl your eyelashes (optional)


  • Mascara


  • Add some blush to the apples of your cheeks.


  • Give your lips the flushed (like you’ve been kissing) stained look. Put on a daring color.  Wipe it off.  Add lip balm. Lips stained!!


  • Use a small amount of bronzer all over your face and neck for a sun kissed look.


  • Flip your hair upside down and shake it out with your fingers– aah…..tousle those gorgeous locks of LOVE!! (I think we know what this look is all about!)


Just remember, when you look in the mirror- own your amazing self. If you show it, trust me he’ll see it!



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