Barn Obsession


I have this strange, or maybe not so strange, love of barns.  I think they are beautiful and I absolutely LOVE taking pictures of them!  Moving to Idaho has done wonders for my barn addiction.  I love the red ones, the white ones, barns that appear weathered and have stood the test of time, small ones, large ones.  I basically love them all!

I have always imagined myself one day having a beautiful barn, which of course I would hang a huge, giant wreath on at Christmas.  We all have those little unique things we imagine for our lives, and thinking about them brings a lot of joy.

Going for family drives is weekend tradition our family really enjoys.  The scenery is breathtaking, and I adore that there are so many photo opportunities everywhere we go.  We bring plenty of snacks, coloring books, and toys to keep the kids occupied as best we can.

It is wonderful when Big Brother discovers a train passing by and gets extremely excited.  His huge love of trains has not waned yet.  Or when Little Sister points out the window and says “Wow!  That’s amazing!”  It is so cute, it makes me laugh every time, even when I can’t figure out what exactly it is that she finds amazing in that moment.

The kids love the weekend drive even more if we stop for ice cream, and really who can blame them?  Truth be told I think my husband and I enjoy the ice cream stop almost as much as they do.
Last weekend on our drive we came across a barn that I thought was spectacular.  I took some photos and had to share them with you.  Even if you don’t share my love, full out obsession with barns, I think you’ll still enjoy the beauty.

blog post photo

blog post photo

One of my absolute favorite touches to this barn amongst the many details that are gorgeous is the fence.  That has to be the coolest fence I have ever seen!

blog post photo

Stunning.  I love the stone wall and wheels!  I know this will be a little memory treasure for me.

Through one of our second floor windows in our home you can see a red barn in the distance and I couldn’t be happier about it.  While doing our weekly shopping I already purchased a 2011 Barns calendar, which I am anxiously awaiting hanging in the office.

blog post photo

I love the pure, untarnished snow surrounding this barn.

Barns are just one of those things in life I find incredibly beautiful and bring me a lot of happiness.  Just writing about them makes me excited for no particular reason.

blog post photoWhat does that for you?  What is your version of barns that has the ability to make you happy and smile out of nowhere?  Tell me about it.  I’d love to hear!



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