Vamanos Xcalak, Vamanos Mexico


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Well, it’s been almost 2weeks and I have not been bitten by a snake, chomped on by a crocodile or clawed by a jaguar. Yet… 2 days to go. Xcalak is a wonderful place and probably not one that many people get to see. Pristine waters, dense jungle and off the grid.

So… the latest drama in teeny weenie Xcalak. The other day Aaron was watching some military guys hovering around this small boat on the beach a little way down from us. They were there most of the day and at dusk they finally towed the boat away. We thought maybe they had found more drugs or something because lately it seemed like there was an increase in soldiers patrolling the road. Well, it turns out there were two dead bodies in the boat….Yikes!

Then to add to the drama fest… A while back, a couple of local Mexican guys actually found and turned in one of the bags of cocaine that washed up on the beach and they got a whole lot of pesos for their trouble ($300K). These guys have been building a big fancy place in the village. According to Ruth and Andy, who seem to know everything that goes on here, the local guys went to Mahahual the nearest town (60 K away) and got all liquored up and started bragging about it. Last night some hombres from the Mexican mafia came into Xcalak and beat the crap out of them and cut off one guy’s ear. Oops… Time to leave!

We are in Cancun for the last gasp of the trip. It certainly is different from where we have been. Very happening and very pricey!

Looking forward to getting back.

Another day in Mexico

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