Recognizing the Small Things


Winter seems to be lingering for us in Northern Idaho. Clinging on with glimpses of fading away into spring. The cold rain storms nourish the land here and I am feeling very grateful for heat. Oh my gosh, it feels so good! I’m one who loves to curl up close to a fire. Like a cat, I would adore sleeping in front of the warm glowing light.

Give me a good book, a steaming cup of tea, and a comfy chair pulled close to the flickering flames and I’m in heaven. Think about how far we’ve come as human beings to make it here, where we have clean water and fires inside our homes on cold days. We are very fortunate.

This time of year I long for the sun to return again. To be happy, no matter what the season brings, it helps me tremendously to remember the big picture. What is it that really matters? What small things do I love and feel grateful for? What inspires me to smile?

The world is amazing! Although there is still much more giving that needs to occur to make our planet all that it can be, I want to focus on the beauty. I realize that if I want to believe the world is an ugly place, there exists a disgusting amount of information on that, but what good would that do other than to create a mental hell of sorts?

Me, I choose to believe in the good, the beauty, the divine in everything and everyone, the deeper connection. I truly believe doing this will only create more peace and love. The alternative is spending too much time worrying, or in other words wasting my energy praying for what I don’t want.

Good things happen all the time. Good things happen every day. Good things happen right when you need them most. I wish I could fully express in words the inner serenity that is created when you really, truly let go, and have faith that all will work out for the best if you allow yourself the gift of coming from a place of pure love.

You are cared about! Everything is going to be OK. It is more than OK; your life is a work of divine art.



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