Star Babies


Whenever I am invited to a baby shower, I always find myself purchasing the same type of gifts over and over again. How many personalized blankets, diaper bags, and baby clothes does there need to be at one party? This time, I wanted to find a gift that would be special and unique.

Star Babies is exactly what I have been searching for. It is a fun, creative gift for expecting mothers, family, or friends! Founded by Serena Carroll, Star Babies is an astrology reading for parents with young children. The package includes a hour and a half phone session with Serena Carroll – a trained astrologer with over 35 years of experience! It also comes with a copy of the reading on beautifully packaged stationary as well as on a CD.

The ancients – Babylonians, Egyptians – all looked to the sky for insights and answers, and some of us still do. What a fun way to celebrate the arrival of a new baby! Star Babies is definitely the unique gift I was searching for. Find it at

Serena is also a ModernMom Astrology Expert. Check out her latest column



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