Be Prepared to Get Active!

If you’re always ready you never have an excuse.

As a busy mom with 3 little kids my life is ‘crazy’ to say the least. Like many moms I don’t have the time to get to the gym everyday but I do make it a priority to MOVE MY BUTT every single day and it usually includes the kids.

In order to make sure that I am always prepared to get physical, I make sure I am armed with the proper equipment. By this I mean I always carry my double jog stroller, baby carrier or backpack in the car so that whenever we get extra time between events we can go to the park, walk or even go for a jog. 

When the time and weather permits I like to walk to the kids activities, the kids do what walking than can or are in the mood for that day and I push or carry the remainder of the time, giving me a great full body workout as I push and walk simultaneously! Not to mention I save money on gas and parking.

So, today, take the TIME for yourself and your kids…everyone wins.



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