Banjees Wrist Wallet


Let’s face it, fanny packs are never coming back in style. That’s why when my father came into town last weekend wearing his fanny pack, I knew it was up to me to find a more modern version of his favorite fashion piece.

The Banjees wrist wallet is just what I was looking for! Hikes, walks with friends, or anytime you need your hands free and your phone and credit card close by.

Smaller and lighter than a fanny pack, Banjees wraps right around your wrist. The light-weight wrist wallet keeps all of your credit cards, cell phone, keys, and other personal items safe and secure.

You can find Banjees in all different colors and styles. I love using my pink Banjees to hold my iPhone while I exercise.

Another thing I love is that it’s touch-screen capable so I can skip songs in iTunes, use running apps and even see who’s calling without having to stop and take my phone out of it’s little pouch.

The kids and I agree… Grandpa looks way more fashion forward with his Banjees wrist wallet.

Goodbye fanny pack!



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