Happy Baby Organic Puffs


My girlfriends can’t get enough of these organic finger foods for their babies! HappyBaby is a premium baby brand that offers great organic snack options for your baby or toddler to support their growth and nourishment.

HappyBaby Puffs are made with whole grains and teach your baby tactility and self-feeding. Recommended by renowned pediatrician, Dr. Bob Sears, these organic snacks are the perfect portable snack that will melt in your baby’s mouth.

The healthy snack comes in three flavors and is supplemented to provide your little one with the best vitamins and minerals. They also contain half the amount of sugar found in other leading baby food brands.

With a Mom Approved Child Tested seal of approval, HappyBaby Puffs are a great organic snack option for your tiny tots!



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