All Smiles Should be Healthy, Even the Toothless Ones!


Feeding. Check.
Bathing. Check.
Diapering. Check.

You’ve got the basics covered, or so you think. What your pediatrician may not tell you and you may not know is that a newborn’s gums need care, too.

Benefits of Oral Care for Infants

Starting your baby’s dental hygiene routine just after birth has several benefits:
(1) Prevents the buildup of harmful bacteria which causes tooth decay later on.
(2) Helps establish good oral hygiene habits (it’s harder when they’re older!) for life.
(3) Soothes sore gums during teething.
(4) You can inspect their mouth and catch problems early.
(5) Unlike breastfeeding, dads can do it, too.

How to Clean Your Baby’s Mouth

Before you begin, be sure to have a moist gauze pad or washcloth handy and wash your hands. Hold your baby in your lap, place him on the changing table, or in his crib. Use whatever position is most comfortable for you and him and gives you the best visibility. Gently wipe his gums, under his tongue, and inside his cheeks. This should be done after every feeding.

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