Awaken Your Consciousness


Today, the children and I went outside for lunch. The wind helped me to gently lay a blanket across the soft grass. We breathed in the fresh, fragrant summer air, and listened. We listened to the sound of the occasional airplane passing by, the sound of the wind rustling through the weeds on the border of our property. The birds sang a beautiful melody, while the crickets played their background music.

The inspirational writing of Eckhart Tolle has made me aware of the gift of being that is within everything around us. Now, from time to time I can more easily allow my thoughts to dissipate and I am softly carried in presence. I enjoy the beauty of the flowers, and even the funny little mushrooms that always seem to pop up sporadically. When presence happens I no longer contemplate what is next, or what needs to be done, I simple and profoundly appreciate life. Life is a gift, and in moments of presence I feel that with all my being.

When my thoughts return I contemplate things like- does the universe have an edge? Is the universe part of a multiverse? If so, what does that look like? It is a different relationship with my thoughts. One that is open and curious, but not of fear, judgement, or an attempt to label and dismiss all that I see and feel.

Recently, we have discovered the show Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman on the science channel. Many of my thoughts about the universe lately have been birthed by that show. This is television that feels right. It expands my mind and ends with a question mark. I think it is amazing when scientist look for divine intervention and at the same time make peace with the unknown. Then WHAM a new idea is born.

There is so much to learn, so much to discover. When we make peace with the unknown, swaddle it with love, we open the door to absorbing the beauty of right now, and feeling its presence. Be conscious to the beauty around you. Don’t label or judge it. Just feel it and know you are all connections.

At our best, we absorb the sacred being of everything.  

~? With Love, Wendy Irene  



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