Gift Basket Ideas for Valentine’s Day


If you are looking for a truly special, truly personal Valentine’s Day gift for your loved ones, create your own gift baskets. These require some foresight and planning, making them perfect for those you really want to pamper on Valentine’s Day. If you start planning early and look for good deals on the components, you might find gift baskets to be an inexpensive option for the holiday.

For Your Partner

Create a basket that your partner can peek through early in the day and plan to use later. As he goes through his day, he can think about and prepare for the date you two will share later. Pack a basket with napkins, a tablecloth, votive candles and silverware, as well as a note to bring the goodies to your date at home that evening. You can even put together a menu of foods you are preparing. Tuck in a movie, a blanket and a pillow (for snuggling in front of the TV after dinner). If you have a fireplace, you might want to throw in some matches.

For Your Kids

Write a little note, letting your child know how important he is. Tuck in some candies and other treats, especially those you don’t normally let him have. You can give healthier treats such as dried fruits or crackers as well. Give him a few little items that promise a special treat later. For sports lovers, a new ball or bat can accompany a note promising an afternoon with you, playing ball. A set of nail polishes can come with a coupon to a local manicure shop or promise of an evening of manicures, movies and snacks. Don’t forget some treats they can enjoy that day, such as valentine-themed pencils, erasers and notebooks that they can bring to school.

For Your Friends

Gift baskets don’t have to be elaborate or expensive. Purchase small, pint-sized baskets to fill with treats for your friends. Tuck in some high-end chocolates for your friends to indulge in. Print a picture of the two of you and your group of friends and write a note on the back about how much you cherish her friendship.

For Those Far Away

If you have a loved one far away–such as a child off at college or a wife deployed overseas–you can still put together a gift basket that will delight them and warm their hearts. Give them little items with which they can indulge. Little candies should be hard, rather than soft, since the basket will go through the mail. Look for individual coffee and tea packets. Shop in the travel section of your drug or retail store and pick up some little soaps, conditioners and lotions. Especially for girls, little manicure sets and pumice stones are perfect.



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