Activities for Newborn Babies


Newborn babies don’t play with toys like older babies, but there are plenty of activities you can do with your newborn throughout the day. Interaction with your young baby keeps her entertained and prevents her from feeling lonely, according to BabyCenter. By planning activities with your newborn, you have more options beyond simply talking or cuddling with your baby.

Tummy Time

Tummy time from an early age helps your newborn gain better control of his neck muscles. Your newborn will likely lift his head for a few seconds a time in the beginning before gradually working up to longer stretches. Get down on the floor with him during tummy time to make the activity more appealing and interesting. Bright toys or other items to grab your baby’s attention also add entertainment to tummy time. In addition to time on his tummy, hold your baby in different positions to give him a different view of the room.


Infant massage gives you bonding time with your baby while stimulating various systems. According to the “Parents” magazine website, massage might help your baby sleep better, boost her immune system and improve motor and intellectual progress. Massage different parts of your baby’s body, such as the abdomen, face, arms, back, legs and feet. Use gentle strokes along with a slightly warm lotion to make the massage more comfortable for your baby.

Tracking Toys

Toys provide a baby-friendly way to entertain your newborn, even if he cannot grasp them yet. Holding a colorful toy in front of your newborn as he sits in a swing, lies on the floor, or hangs out in your arms, gives him an object to track visually. As he gets older, he might begin reaching for the toy. This activity helps your baby develop his motor skills.


A walk around the block benefits both you and your newborn. You get out of the house and enjoy the fresh air, while your newborn enjoys a new view. A stroller or a baby carrier works for a short walk. Test out both options to determine which one your baby prefers. Give him a chance to enjoy the scenery as you walk. A ride in a stroller or baby carrier is soothing to some babies and might help your baby fall asleep at nap or bedtime.



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