Easy Father’s Day Cake Decorating Ideas


Father’s Day cakes are a sweet way to celebrate that man in your life. Let him know how much he and everything he does for you mean by making a cake just for him.

Talk with your children to come up with a theme that reminds you all of Dad. Then choose his favorite flavor combination and decorate the cake to fit his interests – a very special dessert for a very special dad!


If your husband is a sports fan, decorate the top of the cake to reflect his interests or favorite teams. Round cakes are a good shape for creating baseballs, basketballs, and soccer balls.

White or orange frosting with red or black decorations can create a ball theme cake. You can also ice a round cake to look like a helmet and add a team logo.


Let your children write their Father’s Day greetings on the cake. Make his favorite flavor cake, and use white or chocolate frosting. Let each child use gel frosting or icing tubes in his favorite color so each greeting stands out.

If your kids are still learning to share and take turns, you might find it useful to draw a grid on the cake, with dark icing, giving each child a section of his own to decorate. When you serve the cake, let each child explain his drawing or greeting.


Father’s Day can bring back lots of memories for Dad. Many places will make personalized cakes with photo images. Design the cake with pictures of your partner with each child at birth or other special times.

Or if you want to do it at home (and aren’t the most artistic) draw your family in stick figures on the cake. Have any special sayings or jokes? Write them across the top! 

How are you planning to celebrate Father’s Day this year?




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