How to Ease Morning Sickness With Vitamin B6


The excitement of finding out you are expecting a baby can sometimes be overshadowed by nausea if you have significant morning sickness. Morning sickness can happen at any time throughout the day. It can last for several hours or last for days and weeks on end. Vitamin B6 can help reduce the impact that morning sickness has on your life and allow you to relax and start planning the nursery. Be sure to discuss with your doctor your decision to use vitamin B6.

Step 1

Chart your morning sickness. If you start recording bouts of morning sickness in a journal, you can keep track of when it happens, what happened just before and how long it lasted. Be sure to include what you ate, did you recently awaken or were you already up when it hit. This will not only help you discover the actual frequency and pattern of your morning sickness, but it will also provide a record for your health care provider to see.

Step 2

Check with your health care provider before beginning any morning sickness treatment, including the ingestion of vitamin B6, in addition to your regular prenatal vitamin. The Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University recommends a daily B6 dose of 1.9mg to counteract the nausea. Each person is different, however, so it is important to clear it with your physician before starting.

Step 3

Take the vitamin as soon as you wake in the morning. If you wait until the nausea has a chance to grab hold of your day, it may be difficult to gain control over it later. Taking the vitamin B6 first thing in the morning, as soon as you rise, can set the stage for a nausea-free day.

Step 4

Continue to chart your nausea in your journal. It will help determine if the B6 is working, or if the dose needs to be adjusted, because you can compare the pre-treatment journal entries to the post-treatment entries and measure any differences.

Step 5

Adjust dosing and timing as needed. Though you will start taking the B6 first thing in the morning, if you discover that your particular morning sickness pattern does not get under way until late afternoon, you may decide to take the vitamin at lunch or just after lunch.



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