Trendy Baby Rooms


If you have a whole room for your new addition or just a corner of your loft or studio apartment, you can put together a sleek, trendy nursery look for your baby. Your infant is a child in this the modern age, and his room can reflect modern, trendy styles. Furthermore, your child won’t have a style opinion for a few years. Enjoy decorating your way while you can.

Your Style

Don’t let you baby’s nursery stick out among the rest of the house. Choose a style for the room that settles in with the rest of the house. If you have a clean, contemporary look, there is no reason to choose a country style for your child. Bring those bright colors and stark lines into the nursery.

Be Green

Follow the recycling trends around you. Reuse and rework items into the nursery. Second-hand and consignment shops may contain a variety of decoration options. Look for old frames and art for the walls. Your own attic, or your parent’s attic, may contain some inspiration as well. Bring in some sentimental pieces that were on your own walls as a child.


To save time and money, many parents choose nursery themes that can grow up with a child. Instead of decorating a room in a distinctively infant theme, choose an older concept that toddlers and young children can enjoy. This works well when your infant has to share a room with a sibling. Choose an older child’s theme. Designate the infant side of the room with a small art piece hanging above the crib.


Choose more modern variations of the classic nursery colors. Instead of a traditional baby blue for a male infant’s room, look to turquoise, sea blue or even green blues. Instead of baby pink for a girl, you might want to try a fuchsia, purple or even light rose. Create a stark contrast that will stimulate your child and welcome guests by choosing a dark chocolate with light colors or a neutral tan with bright colors.

Where To Find Ideas

If you are struggling to come up with a modern, trendy theme for your nursery, look to celebrity moms for ideas. They can afford the stylists so take a look at what they do while you design your own. Gossip and design magazines may highlight these rooms. Trendy design stores, especially those for children, are also full of ideas. Browse their catalogs and showrooms for nursery decoration ideas.



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