Outdoor Fall Decor Ideas


Fall brings colorful changes to leaves, painting forests with autumnal color schemes. It also brings summer to an end. With fall, many people look to change the way their yards look. There are many options for fall décor, but the typical decorations will complement each other because of the usual fall color patterns of nature. Only a few decorations are needed to transform a summer lawn into a scenic fall yard.


Pumpkins can be used in a variety of ways to decorate outside in the fall. Carve out the inside of the pumpkins and use them as vases. Tall ones work well, but short ones can be used when the flower stems are trimmed. Pumpkins can also be placed along the sides of porch steps and around the perimeter of the porch. These pumpkins do not have to be carved out. Their simple presence accentuates the colors of fall all around. A yard centerpiece with a circle of pumpkins can be visually appealing. Add an overturned wash basin in the middle and place pumpkins on it to create different pumpkin levels.

Corn Stalks

Corn stalks that have been thoroughly dried can be used in several decoration ideas. Tie corn stalks to mail boxes, porch columns, yard lights and other posts that can be found in the yard. Use an unobtrusive packaging twine to give the stalks a natural appearance, or use brightly colored ribbons to accentuate the stalks. If using ribbons, use fall colors such as orange, yellow and red.

Colored Corn

Decorative dried corn on cobs can be tied together to make a garland. Drape the garland across the entrance way to the porch to create a welcoming appearance with a fall flavor. Garlands of dried multicolored corn can also be draped across shrubs and porch railings.


Find a source of hay. Call a garden center or farm to see if you can find an inexpensive bale for sale. Use the hay to stuff old clothes, making sure to use appropriate colorful clothing. Plaid flannel shirts, for example, can help evoke the nostalgia of past autumns. Use packaging twine to close off the ends of the shirt sleeves and pant legs, keeping the hay inside. Use a pumpkin for the head, and be sure to place an old hat on top.



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