Pets for Children With Allergies


Exposing children to animals by giving them pets to care for can aid in developing their nurturing instincts. However, developing pet allergies can hinder the healthy bond between your children and their pets. Fortunately, some pets are suitable for children with pet allergies. Choose the best type of allergen-free animal for your children and allay your pet allergy phobias.

American Hairless Terrier

If your child is susceptible to pet allergies, choosing a pet dog that is hairless such as the American Hairless Terrier can help avoid allergy attacks. Considered one of the best companions your child can have, the American Hairless Terrier is not hairy and fuzzy. Unlike most dogs, the American Hairless Terrier does not drool since it has sweat glands. Therefore, this dog breed is less iffy for your child. The American Hairless Terrier also adjusts well to indoor living.


A Sphynx is a breed of hairless cat that may sometimes look scrawny. Although it is not as fluffy and soft to the touch as other furry felines, the Sphynx possesses fine qualities that you and your children will appreciate. This cat is very intelligent and craves attention. It is also fond of other animal companions, such as dogs and other cats. Choose a Sphynx if your child is susceptible to asthma attacks from cat dander. Unlike other cats, the Sphynx loves to take baths. Regular bathing can keep the Sphynx clean and allergen-free.

Lovebirds and Parakeets

Caged birds are kid-friendly pets that can provide hours of entertainment to your child. Lovebirds and parakeets are good examples of caged birds your kids will love. These birds can emit laughter by imitating sounds and voices. In addition, lovebirds and parakeets are safe for kids suffering from pet allergies since keeping these birds requires little human touch. Avoiding touching pet birds are ideal for the birds as well because they are fragile. Allow your children to feed and watch these birds nearby for added satisfaction. The most your children can do is to let these birds perch on their fingers.


Several species of turtles make ideal indoor pets for the child with allergies. The Red-Eared Sliders and box turtles are the most common types. These turtles grow modestly in size and are easier to control and manage. Try not to go for snappers. They can give huge bites that can hurt. Turtles need space to thrive. Its habitat must have the essentials that include water, greenery and cave-like rock formations in a mid-sized aquarium. Make sure your children wash their hands thoroughly to avoid salmonella infection, which comes from salmonella bacteria that turtles tend to carry.


A pet fish is a big hit with children and one of the most preferred indoor pets. Goldfish and clown fish are two examples of the kinds of pet fish recommended for kids. A fish is simple to maintain since it can survive in a fishbowl. You can place the fishbowl on your child’s nightstand.



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