Exercise Support


Last week was one in which I struggled to make exercise a priority. It was a week where our afternoons were a little more hectic than usual from dentist appointments to swimming lessons, and preparing for Easter (last minute!) I try to keep our schedule from getting too crazy but it seems we all have weeks where we are busier than usual, or maybe a little more worn out.

By Monday I could already tell keeping exercise a priority was going to be a challenge. I also knew that if I didn’t commit to exercising I was going to feel worse. As much as exercise is sometimes not fun while doing it when you’re not in the mood, it is a great stress reliever and helps tremendously with my mental clarity. Those to-dos can take up my entire day and life if I’m not careful, which is why I know I need to exercise above a lot of those tasks that although weigh over me are just not as important when I keep the big picture in mind.

To help motivate myself to exercise I posted my weekly workout schedule here. We kept it simple. Six quick and effective 30 minute workouts. Sharing my exercise plan really helped keep me on track. Sort of along the lines of if you day it, you’re more likely to do it. I felt that if I let you know what my exercise plans were for the week, that I should follow through. I’m a big believer in doing what you say, so just putting my plans out there was a big motivator for me. Your support makes that motivation possible, so thank you very much my friends!

When I find myself struggling to exercise, releasing my plans out into the universe on this blog, on social media, or by telling a friend makes all the difference for me. I believe part of the reason why we are here is to support one another to live the most amazing, fulfilled lives possible. I am so grateful to you!




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