2010 Christmas Tree Adventure


We woke up bright and early, ok maybe not that early, 8 am. Had breakfast and talked of our soon to be Christmas tree adventure. Somehow 3 hours got away from us like they tend to do on weekend mornings. We googled the perfect farm to find this year’s family Christmas tree, and emailed the directions to our phone. Got the kids suited up in snow gear, and another hour later we were on our way.

It was snowing, and because I was not the one driving I was completely cool with that. The scenery was absolutely gorgeous on the quiet country roads. I was doing a little too much playing on my brand new US cell phone, which my husband nicely pointed out, and he was right. I didn’t want to miss out on the beautiful drive.

Somehow in all the chaos I forgot to pack my camera. I thought for sure it would be stuffed into someone’s snow gear. Luckily with the technology magic of camera cell phones the adventure did not go undocumented.

As it turned out there was going to be much more driving to enjoy than I anticipated. You see my husband decided to take a short cut. Let me interject we just moved to Idaho, so how he would know any shortcuts to a place we have never been before was a little baffling.

Lucky for him I don’t really enjoy driving, nor do I consider myself a fantastic driver, so when these short cuts end up taking WAY longer I don’t do too much complaining. Also lucky for him, he kept the fact that we were taking a short cut to himself until we were well on our way ‘lost’ in the middle of no-where. Instead of complaining (too much) I broke out the great Christmas carol singing and waited for the others to join in.

For some evidence so you fully understand just how far in the middle of nowhere we actually where here is a picture of turkeys crossing in front of our car.

This happened several times.

We are not in Vancouver anymore!

Most of our drive was spent on tiny roads looking at beautiful snow covered trees. In fact we did that for hours. And hours. I’m proud to say that we didn’t even stop and ask a single person how to get there. Not even the man shovelling snow off the roof of the one house we saw on our drive.

About 3 hours later somehow we made it to the tree farm. Little Sister had a very large 2 year old size tantrum about how she wanted to somehow walk through the snow that was neck deep on her and not be pulled in the sled. What is a Mom to do but plop down in the fluffy white snow and wait it out? I mean really, I didn’t have any duct tape to keep her in the sled (joking!).

While I was enjoying the nice view from my snow seat and Little Sister was flailing, rolling, and screaming. Daddy and Big Brother decided maybe they should get a head start looking for the perfect Christmas tree. I noted in my mind a couple of trees in the distance that looked nice. When Daddy and Big Brother returned they looked at my tree picks to which Big Brother declared no to all of them, and gave me directions to go and look at a tree they found, whilst they sat with Little Sister who was still refusing a sled ride.

The directions to look at a specific tree in a tree farm were about as hairy as you might imagine. Fortunately, thanks to the power of loud shouting I found the tree they had mentioned and gave it the thumbs up.

Hubby got to work, while I got in my workout by carrying my 2 year old through a lot of knee deep snow. That was going much better than the attempts at putting her in the sled.

After browsing through the adorable, warm, pine scented gift shop, I returned with 3 new ornaments for our tree.

What can I say? I’m a sucker for ornaments. However, it did turn out to be a good thing because this is by far our tallest tree to date.

We are a spruce family all the way.
It was a full out National Lampoon Christmas adventure and I wouldn’t change a thing!
Stay tuned for the decorated tree pictures…

ps- that GPS I have been mentioning for 3 years… I think this year is a sure bet!

Have a great weekend, friends!

Tell me do you have a favorite type of tree? What does the adventure look like for you?



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