Is the Drought Affecting Your Favorite Beer?


Are you a beer drinker?  California is going through a terrible draught. Could there possibly be a connection between drought and draft? Actually, there is…

Small California breweries are being affected by the water shortage. A number of small northern California breweries obtain their water from the Russian River. One brewery alone, Lagunitas, uses approximately 2 million gallons of river water each year to make their popular beer. They use 4-7 gallons of water to make just 1 gallon of beer.  The river is way down in water volume, so there will undoubtedly be an effect on beer production and, of course, prices. And, the breweries may move out of state where there is plenty of rain. Think about the flooding in other parts of the country. Think of all the beer they could produce with all of that water.

Some of the hundreds of breweries have started to use ground water which is high in mineral content, but doesn’t always taste so good. And, think of the cost…

Of course, those of us who dislike beer are thinking “we can’t water our lawn or flush toilets, so who cares?” But, these craft breweries bring lots of revenue to California. And, California needs the bucks.

So, what should we do?  Rain dances? Maybe we should all just drink margaritas….



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