Surviving the Last Few (Very Hard) Weeks of Pregnancy...

by Lisa Rotondi

The other day I was in the art supply store and only had four people ask me how many hours I was away from giving birth. I had to pee for the second time so I made my way to the bathroom. While sitting there, wearing my sky blue, cozy, brand new yoga shirt (a splurge for my last month of pregnancy), all of a sudden a familiar, warm, river of a feeling began to stream out of my nose. I put my hand up but it was too late. The bright, red blood had trickled it’s way down my new shirt; in fact it made a perfect line. It almost looked like the shirt was meant to have one solid red stripe down the front of it. I said almost. After dowsing myself with water and blotting the living daylights out of that baby blue, I came out of the bathroom. I realize now the blotting made me look like there had been a gunshot wound. It was weird, everyone kept looking away in horror. Not sure if they thought I just delivered the baby in the bathroom by myself or what but even if they did think that, what does that say for humankind that no one offered to help!?

Maybe It Was the Blood

Maybe it was the blood or maybe it was the fact that I’m single and pregnant and missing penis so much...whatever it was, soon I found myself driving home from the art store in that bloody, baby blue having a phone conversation with my mother about circumcision. Her comments included saying things like "well, of course you're going to circumcise" and "trends like not circumcising come and go", “yes, I’m sure you have a lot of new ideas from all of those people you like to talk to”. I started to feel the blood INSIDE my body boiling and then, magically, poof! My beautiful iPhone cut out. Now for the record I am going to circumcise, I just feel bad for the pain that little guy has to go through and was expressing that...that and the fact that something like 30 percent of people are no longer circumcising in this country (forget about the rest of the world) so you know, it is actually something to think about and maybe research for a minute. But ANYWAY, we cut out and I thought that was probably for my mother as she often feels my pregnancy wrath and at least she could be spared one time...better for me because at least I would feel less guilty for bestowing the wrath.

My Pooch...

So then I walked into my house where my lovely 85 pound peach of a pooch had done one of the two naughty things he has in his repertoire. He got into the trash, the NEW TRASH CAN that I just ordered online to keep him out of the trash!! The tears welled and I jumped to attention as he sulked off guiltily to bed. I eased/plopped/fell down on hands and knees (the extra fifty pounds I’m carrying made this an interesting sight to watch, I’m sure) and starting picking up the gigantic pile of trash. Picking up the trash in a manner that would have made a mean, fairy tale stepmother proud. In fact if Joan Crawford had been standing there with whip in hand, she would not have had to use it. I was that good. I then realized that I needed to mop as there was cocoa spread out all over the floor. So I grabbed the mop, soaked it a bit and got to work. Half way through my mopping frenzy, the mop broke. It broke right in half. Now those tears that had welled up started streaming. I was crying yes, but even more, the mop breaking made me so angry. So what did I do? I called for my dog of course, this was his fault. I had to call three times as he knew this was not going to be pretty.

Coffee Ice Cream

As he came in I hardly recognized him. One would have thought this large, mostly white Lab mixed with a little Charpe to have been the offspring of some kind of Basset Hound by how low his body was to the ground. As he looked up I saw pure terror in his eyes. But what I also noticed was that one side of his face was covered in something dark. Ah yes, the coffee ice cream I threw out the day before had matted itself into half of his face. This broke me. I almost laughed. Again, I said almost. I told him to go back to bed and suddenly he was jaunty like the Lab he normally is. Then I remembered my shirt. I took it off, put on some eco friendly stain remover (which I was told would not work), let it soak in cold water and I am happy to report every last bit of that blood is gone.


I sat back and thought about the last two hours of my day. I guess it’s all in preparation for having a child, right? Nothing can be too set in stone, things go wrong a lot, items can get ruined, and people/pets do naughty things sometimes. Sigh. I must say I am looking forward to meeting this little guy in my belly for so many reasons but I think the main one is that hopefully the love I have for him will outweigh all the other madness that I am sure will ensue daily. Oh, and for the record my dog’s other naughty thing he does is not something I can divulge at this point in time.

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