“How Frozen Should’ve Ended” Finally Tackles Mr. and Mrs. Elsa’s Questionable Parenting Choices


Let me start by saying that I love love LOVED the movie Frozen – because of course I did, I’m a human being.

The girl power, the sweet tunes, Olaf. I’m totally on board.
Except… from my initial screening, I was like “WTF is up with these parents?”
Seriously? Somehow it seemed like the best way to keep your daughter safe was by teaching her to shut everyone out and repress her feelings? 
Shocking, that Elsa ultimately went on an accidental ice rampage. 
But I guess that’s what happens when your parents find out you have magic powers, and instead of celebrating your unique gift, they decide to:
1. Shut you up in a (drafty) castle and severely restrict any contact with the outside world.
2. Teach you to be afraid of your powers and by extension, afraid of having normal, healthy feelings and emotions.
3. Thereby creating a situation in which you are forced to lie to your sister (who is also your best friend) for years on end. 
Yea, they might be the king and queenof Arendelle but I’m not super sold on their parenting skills WHATSOEVER.   
And apparently, the people behind the very very funny “How It Should Have Ended” agree with me, because their latest video puts Mr. and Mrs. Elsa on blast. 
Check it out below:



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