DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations


Christmas decorations add to the festive atmosphere, and yard decorations spread the holiday spirits outside. You don’t have to go overboard and into debt if you want to decorate your yard to highlight the Christmas season. You can create your own yard decorations. Preparing for the arrival of Santa Claus can be fun when the entire family contributes to making DIY outdoor Christmas decorations.

Reindeer Hitching Post

When Santa Claus arrives with his presents for delivery, you can have a hitching post ready for his reindeer. Take a wooden board, and paint it with acrylic paint. Paint a white background and wait for it to dry. Then paint the words, “Reindeer Hitching Post” on it in festive colors. Screw the board into a post, and stake the post into your front yard. Add strings of bells and garlands to your tastes. Place a pail with carrots and apples at the base of the post for a reindeer feeding bucket.

Elf Entrance

You can make an elf entrance to your house directly beside your front door, making it appear that elves are not only welcome in your home, they have their own doorway. Simply take some sturdy cardboard and cut it to the shape of a small elf-size door. Paint it red or the color of your existing door. Fashion a small wreath and attach it to the door with staples or glue. Glue a cork with a bottle cap on it to the door as a knob. Be sure to make a small sign that says “Elf Entrance” on the door. Then tape it to the front of the house by using removable adhesive strips.

Jingle Bell Decorations

Decorate your porch rails or the trees in your yard with jingle bell decorations. Take jute, hemp twine or packaging twine and lace it through a number of bells. You can make various lengths of these decorations, so the number of bells is up to you. Be sure to tie a knot on the end of the twine so the bells don’t fall off. Then, curl the bottom of the twine up to the top, and tie it off with a bow knot. You can add red streamers or ribbon to give your decoration more color. Then, tie the jingle bell decoration to your porch or tree. Adding more will enhance the overall appearance of the bell display.



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