Samantha Harris Waiting to Find Out Baby’s Sex


For her second pregnancy, Samantha Harris and hubby Michael Hess have decided to hold off on finding out the baby’s sex.

“We are one of the only 30 percent of Americans that still wait to find out the sex of their baby in the delivery room,” Samantha, 36, tells People.

“We did that the first time around and it was a wonderful surprise, so we’re doing that again.”

But, that doesn’t rule out a mother’s instinct. In this case, Samantha dreams about the sex of her babies.

“With our daughter, I had two very vivid pregnancy dreams that I was having a girl,” she says, “With this pregnancy I’ve had two very vivid pregnancy dreams — once it was a boy, and once it was a girl. Now I’m thoroughly confused!”

But, with all the preparations for another baby, the couple is making sure daughter Josselyn, 3, isn’t feeling left out.

“We got her a baby doll,” Samantha said. “We’re trying to encourage her to feed and burp the doll to prep her to be mommy and daddy’s best little helper.”



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