The Best Way to Grow Spices Indoors


Growing spices and herbs in your kitchen can save you money, but more importantly, it can provide you with platefuls of flavor. While outdoor plants may have a better chance at surviving and thriving, indoor spice and herb plants can survive winter months and give you bursts of flavor all year long.

Step 1

Fill each small pot with a 1-inch layer of rocks and fill the rest with soil. Distribute the seeds on the soil, according to the package instructions. Save any extra seeds. Some plants, such as dill, must be replanted when you harvest. Push the seeds under the soil and cover with ¼ inch of soil. Soak the soil with water.

Step 2

Plug in a lamp with fluorescent bulbs near the pots and shine with light for at least 12 hours per day.

Step 3

Fill a bucket or spray bottle with insecticidal soap and water, according to the directions. Dip the plants in the soap or spray them and wipe off with a paper towel.

Step 4

Push your finger into your soil each day. When it feels dry, fill the pot with water until the water drains out the bottom. Replant the seeds after you use your basil, dill or other herbs or spices.



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