Spring Crafts for Kids


Bugs, butterflies and flowers are just a few of the many signs of spring. Many of the spring symbols work well in kids’ craft projects. Whether at home or in the classroom, the seasonal crafts inspire kids to learn more about the season. The craft activities also work well to welcome the season or simply beat boredom on those rainy spring days.

Spring Collage

Seed catalogs and general magazines provide the images for a spring-themed collage for kids. Encourage the kids to cut out images of flowers, gardens, butterflies, bugs and other spring images from the magazines. They glue the images to a large piece of construction paper or poster board to create the collage. Additional details are added with paint, crayons or other craft supplies, depending on the preferences of the child. A variation involves using actual spring items, such as seeds and grass, to create a collage. The kids spread glue on the paper before applying the spring artifacts.

Garden Markers

Spring marks the beginning of gardening season, so garden row markers make an appropriate craft project for kids. Clay that either self-hardens or that needs to be baked works well for the top portion of the markers. Let the kids mold the clay in the desired shape. Press a craft stick or dowel into the bottom edge of the marker about halfway up the shape. Allow the clay to harden. Remove the craft stick or dowel, apply glue to the end and place it back into the marker. The glue helps hold it in place. When the clay is dry, the kids paint the markers.

Crafty Bugs

Pipe cleaners and pony beads are the basic components for a simple bug craft, but you can use a variety of items. The kids slide the pony beads onto the pipe cleaner. They bend the pipe cleaners to make it resemble a particular bug or other creature. For example, the child might bend two beaded pipe cleaners to resemble the wings of a butterfly. When twisted together, the two wings create the butterfly. Buttons also work well with pipe cleaners. You can also get creative and use items like small rocks or Styrofoam balls to create the bug figures.

Paper Flowers

Strips of colorful construction paper cut in 1-inch widths create the petals of these paper flowers. A strip about 6 inches long creates the center of the flower. Tape or glue it into a loop, much the same way you would begin a paper chain. Strips of paper about 3 inches long create the petals. Adhere them as loops the way you did with the center circle. Attach the smaller loops around the center circle so that the petals are touching. Continue until you have petals all the way around. Vary the lengths of the strips to create larger or smaller flowers.



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