Jenna Elfman Talks Nursing Troubles


Sometimes, a busy mom has to resort to pumping. Jenna Elfman, 39, admits that this posed quite a problem once she tried to reintroduce nursing to her 9-month-old son Easton.

“I was doing a lot of filming, so he was getting a lot of breastmilk from bottles,” the actress reveals to Best for Babes. “When he was 3 or 4 months old, he went through a finicky phase where he didn’t want to nurse.”

But, Jenna had a strong desire to nurse so she became proactive and gradually changed her baby’s eating habits again.

“I just [breastfed] more, without forcing him obviously…I also scaled back the bottles,” she explains.

“Easton had gotten where he liked to nurse laying down. So I thought great, I’ll take a little time out and lay down on the bed with him, just to get him reacquainted, and more willing to nurse from the breast more often.”

“Now he’s totally fine with breastfeeding again,” she excitedly reports. “He’s humongous and he’s awesome.” Love the sheer determination, Jenna!



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