Sofia Coppola in Unfamiliar Territory Raising Two Daughters


Even though director Sofia Coppola grew up with two older brothers and was used to being amongst a group of boys, she is delighted to have two daughters.

Sofia, 39, is hoping 7-month-old Cosima and 4-year-old Romy will learn to appreciate each other and share a special sisterly bond.

“The idea of sisters is mysterious to me, some kind of complicated relationship that I don’t know about. I hope they’re close,” Sofia tells The Telegraph. “At first Romy was annoyed [about Cosima's arrival], but now she’s really into being a big sister.”

Romy isn’t the only one that underwent an adjustment period. Sofia herself has had to get used to the idea of juggling family and work.

“I can’t stay up all night writing anymore. I have to be more organized and it takes longer to write in all the chaos,” she says. “I once had this idea that I needed to be in a quiet room to write, but I’ve learned to do it with kids running around.”



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