Proud Parent Pouch


While I was reorganizing the storage closet this weekend, I came across a box full of my kids’ school projects and papers. What used to be an somewhat organized box of memories, was now a gigantic mess of papers!

The Proud Parent Pouch by Penny Laine Papers is a the perfect way to keep those special school projects neat and tidy. Measuring 14.5″x22″, this pouch can fit papers and projects as big as 12″x18″.

The Proud Parent Pouch comes in a different color for each school year – preschool, kindergarten and first grade. Far better than throwing things in a box, this pouch is a must-have for any parent that has little ones starting school.

This adorable storage pouch is made of sturdy, colorful nylon with a clear window and zippered enclosure. Love!



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