20 Life Mantras for Success



1. Salsa counts as a vegetable, and cleaning as exercise.

2. Acceptance is key for happiness.

3. Make time every day for silence and stillness.  It is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

4. Say I’m sorry regularly.  2xs as much if you’re a parent.

5. Don’t compare. Don’t compete. Be confident & let other’s light shine.

6. When you feel anxious, slow down, be still, & deal with emotions now.

7. Nothing warrants a day off like a bad day.  Don’t sweep it under the rug to collect more dust.

8. Growing food is extremely rewarding.  Even people with a black thumb can grow a vegetable… eventually.  I’m proof!

9. There is no one right way.

10. Creativity creates happiness.

11. The less you label & judge, the more beautiful the world becomes.

12. What we don’t know is infinitely larger than what we do.  That’s OK.

13. Cycles are normal. 

14. There is always more work to be done.  Make yourself stop & enjoy.

15. Nature is healing.

16. Anything is possible. Period.

17. Don’t look back at the bus you missed.  Keep your eyes & heart open for the new one coming.

18. Do what you love.

19. Be with who you love.

20. Know where external ends & internal begins.  The difference between noise & truth.



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