You’ll Never Regret Acting out of Love


As a Mother, setting an example is something I am consciously aware of. When you are not thinking about it, it usually comes knocking on the door in the form of a mirror. I’ve seen my own behavior in my children many times, therefor I know that what I do impacts my children and will affect how they act or react in situations in their own lives.

There is a peaceful place inside all of us. The waters remain calm there no matter what is happening around us. I call that place our divinity. Think of it like a warm underground spring. The trick is to access this spring of peace and love in moments that are challenging or test our patience.

There are many ways to find your inner peace, your divinity. Yoga and meditation are two of my favorite ways. Some find it through art or music. Practicing getting in touch with this inner serenity as a daily ritual strengthens your ability to access it more quickly in heated times.

The more I visit that place of peace within myself, the more able I am to drink from its fresh calming waters in times of thirst.



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