Pearl Ceramic Curling Wand


What hairstyle trend do I love? – big, Hollywood curls.

Next time you want to achieve a perfect curly-do, throw away that old curling iron and grab yourself a Remington Pearl Ceramic Curling Wand!

This curling wand eliminates that annoying crink caused by clamps found in typical curling irons. Made out of ceramic, which improves heat distribution and helps the selected temperature remain even throughout the entire wand, this curling wand also prevents snagging.

Whether you want bouncy curls or a more natural wave, the Pearl Ceramic Wand has you covered. The best part – this wand heats up in less than 30 seconds, giving you plenty of time to throw in a curl or two in the morning!

Remington Pearl Ceramic Curling Wand also comes with a glove for easy styling.

If you are a mommy on-the-go, like me, this curling wand is magic for the hair. Love.



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