Tips on Organizing Your Closet


As you pack more and more clothing into an already packed closet, this once-useful space becomes stuffed. Your garments become wrinkled and more difficult to find. To ensure that your clothes stay wrinkle-free in your closet, and that you can find the garments you desire, put some effort into organizing this space. While establishing an organizational system will certainly take time, it is worth the effort in the long run as it will save you time each morning when it comes time to select clothing.

Try on Each Garment Yearly

There are likely some garments in your closet that you will never wear again. Instead of allowing your closet to serve as a fashion graveyard for these out-of-style pieces, get rid of them. As you complete your spring cleaning yearly, take an afternoon and pull out every piece of clothing you have in your closet. Try each piece on to discover whether it still fits. Determine whether you will likely ever wear it again. If the garment is out of style, donate it or pitch it. If it is currently too small or too large for your frame, either donate or pitch it, or stow it away in another location.

Change Closet Contents with the Season

Instead of storing all the clothing you own in one closet, reduce the clutter in this space by swapping out garments each season. As the season changes, pull out your warm or cold weather clothing and replace it with pieces appropriate for the upcoming weather pattern. Use plastic storage totes to store these garments, or transfer them to a guest room closet or available storage space.

Organize Apparel By Type

Give your closet some order by categorizing your clothing. Divide your clothing by types. Place skirts, pants, blouses and jackets into separate closet sections. By doing this, you not only create an organizational pattern for your closet, you also make it easier to inventory your pieces and create new outfits by mixing and matching pieces.

Add Closet Shelving

Some clothing pieces should not be on hangers. Make room for these pieces by installing closet shelving. Place shelving along one wall of your closet and place sweaters, sweatshirts, shorts or T-shirts on these new shelves. If you don’t have space in your closet for shelving, purchase and hang a sweater holder. You can also use cubbies.

Create a Shoe Storage System

Many women have closet floors cluttered with shoes. Not only does the lack of a closet shoe organization system make your closet look cluttered, it also makes mating shoes more time consuming and increases the likelihood that your beloved pumps become damaged or turn into a puppy chew toy. Add a hanging shoe rack to your closet door, and place your shoes on it. If you have sliding closet doors, use shoe boxes or small clear plastic totes to store your shoes and stack them atop your closet shelf.



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