Exercises for a Baby Belly


The joy of being a mother is priceless and indescribable. Nothing could ever replace or compare with that feeling of wonder when you know that you have brought life into this world. However, being a new mom presents a huge problem — baby belly. Fortunately, you need not worry. Aside from proper diet management and a belly wrap, you can perform certain exercises to solve your belly problems.

Contraction Exercise

Stop munching, and start contracting. Contraction may have been an integral part when you were giving birth; however, it is also an effective post-pregnancy baby belly exercise. Contract your abdomens by holding your breath to exercise your abdominal muscles. Position yourself comfortably on a chair and place one hand below your belly button and the other above it. Take a deep breath then exhale up to the point where your belly is nearly halfway toward your back. Upon reaching that point, pull your belly button about halfway toward your back. Contract your abdominal muscles, and then release when the contracting effect is no longer that tight. Repeating this sequence 100 times will yield good results.

No-Crunch Crunch Exercise

Bust your belly with the crunch-less crunch exercise. Follow up the contraction exercise with an effortless version of the crunch. One way to accomplish a no-crunch crunch is by lying flat on your back or by kneeling. Relax, and then move your belly button inward, toward your backbone using the lower abdominal section. Extend to the farthest point that you can reach. Then, hold your breath for at least 10 seconds. Repeat this sequence until you can no longer feel the effect of the contraction. Another version of the crunch-less exercise is by lying on the floor while bending your knees and planting your feet firmly on a flat floor. Gently place your hands slightly below and along the sides of your belly button. Apply pressure to your lower abdomen using two fingers from each hand. Begin pulling your lower abdomen toward the floor without moving your pelvic bones, and then hold your breath. Discontinue once your abdomen feels tight. Stay in this position for 15 seconds while breathing normally. Repeating this exercise sequence 10 times will yield good results.

Leg Exercises for Abdomens

Walking, running and jumping are some of the ways you can use your legs to lose your baby belly fat. However, since you can’t always be on the go due to your tight mommy schedule, you can engage in a lesser strenuous leg exercise for the abdomen. Using your legs to reduce the size of your abdomen is also effective in improving muscle flexibility and stamina. One way is to start by lying on the floor and positioning your hands beneath your buttocks. Keep your hands pressed against the floor while lying in this position. Slowly, raise one leg from the ground and then lower it again. Alternate your legs and repeat the sequence 30 times, 15 times for each leg.



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