Easy to Make Thanksgiving Table Centerpieces


The holiday meal takes center stage on Thanksgiving. Set the stage in a tasteful and simple way with an easy Thanksgiving centerpiece. Squashed between ghoulish Halloween and the gift-giving winter holidays, retail stores treat Thanksgiving decorations like unwanted dinner guests.

Fortunately, you can assemble an eye-catching embellishment using natural elements, food and items from your backyard. Consider the mood of the holiday meal, from casual to formal, as well as the size of the table and the number of places you need to set before designing your own centerpiece.

Edible Fruit Centerpiece

Use the bounty of the fall grape harvest in your centerpiece. Pluck bunches of red and green grapes from the store, selecting only the fullest bunches. Line a small basket with wax paper, and place it on top of a place mat. Build up the centerpiece by placing large, firm fruit, including oranges and apples inside the basket. Drape the bunches of grapes over the sides of the basket. Modernize the centerpiece by replacing the country basket with a pewter or copper pot.

Nut Cups

Nuts are a Thanksgiving staple. Entice Thanksgiving guests with a nutty and edible arrangement of single-serving cups. Place a Thanksgiving table runner in the center of the table. Line up a row of fall-colored tea cups and saucers in the center of the color. Fill each tea cup with walnuts, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, filberts and almonds in their shells. Use the tea cup centerpiece as a place setting or gift by adding a small tag with each guest’s name onto the tea cup handles or nut crackers. Use twine or string and leaf-shaped paper for the name tags.

Arranging Gourds

An unusual gourd creates an eye-catching focal point. Create an instant Thanksgiving centerpiece with a few select items. Set a cake stand in the center of the table. Wrap a leaf-decorated fabric ribbon around the base of the stand. Any festive, orange or yellow ribbon will work. If you don’t have a cake stand, cover a plate with lace doilies or a small fabric napkin. Stack three to five miniature pumpkins or gourds on the plate. Make it elegant by using orange-striped or white pumpkins, or goose-neck gourds.

Nuts for Color

Sunflowers and fresh fruit add a burst of color to a centerpiece. Start with a small bowl filled with fresh flowers or use dried hydrangeas from the yard. For fresh flowers, use floral foam and water in the bowl to keep the flowers lively. A piece of Styrofoam will hold any dried flowers. Keep the stems short and hidden, showing only the bowl and the flower tops. Set the bowl onto larger platter. Sprinkle a variety of nuts around the bowl. For a non-edible arrangement, use cleaned acorns and pine cones from outside.

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