Wall Mount Grocery Bag Holder


Ok, I admit it – Organizing my kitchen is taking a little longer than I had anticipated! There are so many items I didn’t even think about as I began my organizational journey.

I am a huge proponent of embracing a more eco-friendly lifestyle, so plastic grocery bags have definitely become a thing of the past. But sometimes those pesky plastic bags find their way back into our home.

With the Wall Mount Grocery Bag Holder by Simplehuman, you can save those plastic bags, and the environment, in one space-efficient place!

Holding up to 30 standard-size plastic grocery bags at a time, this Wall Mount Grocery Bag Holder features a brushed, stainless steel exterior which looks great in any kitchen.

To use, just tuck empty bags into the unit’s upper opening, then pull them out as needed from its wide dispensing area on the front. Love!

Do you have any kitchen organizer suggestions?



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