Fish Hotel


My little ones have made up their minds that it is time to adopt a new family pet. With two dogs and a cat already living under our roof, you can understand my hesitation in adding another furry creature to the brood.

Finally, we reached a compromise and are now the proud owners of a lovely goldfish named Earl.

I have grown quite fond of Earl (who saved me from adding another crazy cat to our family), so I decided to show him my appreciation by purchasing him a brand new hotel – a fish hotel!

The FishHotel White Fish Bowl by Umbra features a sleek, modern design that beats the typical glass fish bowl routine. This funky fish bowl includes a square glass bowl surrounded by a paintable ABS plastic façade with asymmetrical windows.

You can even remove the plastic exterior to showcase just the square glass bowl.

My kids are happy, Earl is happy, I’m happy. Love!




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