How to Organize My Closet Space


A tidy, organized closet seems like an impossible dream for some people, but simple organizational strategies help you keep everything in order. With a sense of organization, you can more easily find your favorite pair of heels and that cocktail dress that goes so well with them. Whether you have a tiny closet or a large walk-in, an organizational system that makes sense to you is the most effective choice. An initial organization session, followed by regular organizational maintenance, keeps your closet from getting out of hand again.

Step 1

Look inside your closet to identify the problems. Assess the current shelving and rod system to determine if it is functional. Write a list of features you want to change in the closet.

Step 2

Clean out all items from the closet. Separate items that no longer fit, are out of style or are no longer in usable condition.

Step 3

Sort the clothing and accessories you plan to keep. Organize the items by type of clothing, such as jeans, casual shirts, work clothes and dressy outfits. Sort the clothing in a way that will make it easiest for you to find.

Step 4

Look over the types of clothing you own. Determine the type of closet storage that would work best for each item. Most clothing works well on a closet rod, but other items might be better folded and stacked on a shelf or hanging from a hook.

Step 5

Add new shelving, adjust the rods and make other changes necessary to the current closet system to better hold your clothing and accessories.

Step 6

Paint the closet rod in different colored sections to help divide the rod between different clothing types. For example, you might paint the first 18 inches of the rod blue to hold your casual shirts, the next section red for pants and another section green for work clothes. This helps you keep your clothing organized without messing with color-coordinated hangers. Hang clothing in the designated section of the rod and you’ll know where to go when you need a particular item.

Step 7

Place large baskets on the shelves in the closet to keep clothing and accessories neat and organized. Choose a basket with a cloth liner to avoid snagging clothes. Place a label on the front of each basket to identify the contents.

Step 8

Install a shoe rack, either as shelving on the floor of the closet or over the closet door. Place shoes together in the rack.

Step 9

Store suits and other fine clothing items in a garment bag within the closet. This keeps the nicer clothes separated and protected.



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