How To Give a Home Pedicure


The daily routine of running around leaves your feet feeling tired and possibly rough. When you can’t escape to the spa for a professional pedicure, a home pedicure is a relaxing and affordable alternative. You get to pamper yourself in the comfort of your home and get your feet and toenails back in shape. Summer is a popular time for pedicures since your feet are more visible, but year-round pedicures keep your feet soft and add a little relaxation to your day.

Step 1

Remove any old nail polish from your toes. Trim your nails straight across to avoid ingrown toenails. Smooth the edges with a file.

Step 2

Fill a foot tub or other wide, shallow tub with warm to hot water, depending on the temperature you prefer. Mix in a half cup of Epsom salts and a few drops of essential oils. Marie Claire recommends rosemary, eucalyptus or menthol for their cleansing properties.

Step 3

Sit in a comfortable chair with your feet soaking in the tub of water. Submerge your feet for five minutes or longer.

Step 4

Apply an exfoliating foot scrub all over your feet and calves for relaxing exfoliation. Rinse your feet and calves to remove the scrub.

Step 5

Dampen a foot file or pumice stone in the tub of water. Rub the tool gently back and forth on rough patches on your foot. The rough areas are typically on the heels and balls of the feet.

Step 6

Rinse the feet to remove the dead skin. Dry the feet with a towel.

Step 7

Apply a foot cream with strong moisturizing to soften the skin. Massage your feet while applying the lotion to increase circulation. Wipe the toe area to remove any greasy lotion remaining so the nail polish sticks better.

Step 8

Place the toe separators between your toes. Apply a clear base coat to the toenails.

Step 9

Apply two coats of your colored nail polish from cuticle to nail tip. Apply a clear top coat to seal in the color and prevent chipping.



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