3 Stress Solutions for Busy Moms


The following is a guest post from Lauren Miller author of 99 Things You Wish You Knew Before Stressing Out.


Spiritual Tip: As a mom do not forget the strength of your spirit.  Many times you burn out half way through your day as you frantically try to meet the needs of everyone around you.  You are not aligned with what you value most in life concerning taking care of yourself.  You may say, “I don’t have time to focus on remembering the strength contained within my soul.” Anytime you play the victim in life you will remain stuck.  When your priorities are clear, your decisions are easy in terms of how you spend your time.  Take 4 minutes out of every hour to breathe deeply three times, humming as you exhale, the humming is enough of a physical distraction to break the monkey chatter in your head.  Focus on what does not need to be fixed: your connection with God, the truth that you are enough just as you are, your worth and lovability.   When I went through cancer with my children at the ages of 8, 10 and 12 years old I remember taking breaks throughout my days to reconnect with my awareness that God was moving through me, empowering my weak body with the ability to choose life and love no matter what surrounded me.  Because I took the time to nurture the strength of the Holy Spirit that consistently courses through me, I was never left empty handed.  Take time to remember that you are first and foremost a spiritual being, connected to the God of the Universe having a physical experience.  Move from the inside out today.


Emotional Tip:  As a mom, it is easy to attach your sense of self worth to your to do list.  An attachment is an emotional state of clinging do to the belief that without some particular thing or outcome you cannot be happy.  Practice going within to reconnect to the source of happiness which does not rise and fall based on accomplishments, recognition and checked off to do lists.  Your emotional state flows directly from your feelings of worth, love, safety and connection.  Whenever you start to question these you will be emotionally bumped.  When you experience overwhelm ask yourself, where do I feel inadequate and incapable?  Have I attached my sense of self worth to something outside of me? My children? Spouse? Position in life?  Stress is simply an invitation to identify where you feel threatened and remember that you are worthy, capable of handling any situation, loved and accepted just as you are…not because your children have accomplished certain things or even that they listen to you or because you can do it all, simply because of who YOU are.  Next time you feel emotionally overwhelmed try this: tap on your thymus located 2 inches below the “U” shaped dip at the base of your neck and say, “I have faith and confidence in God and my ability to handle this situation, my future is secure, I am secure” repeat this statement while you tap for 1-3 minutes.


Physical Tip:  Don’t have time to work out?  Make it.  Try the popular burst training workout which can be done 3-4 times a week in less than 15 minutes.   Choose 3-6 physical exercises that you like (or wouldn’t mind doing: sit-ups, push-ups, squats, speed punches, jump rope, dancing, running in place).   Do each one separately as fast as you can for 30 or 60 second burst/rest intervals.  For example, you run in place as fast as you can for 60 seconds and then you rest for 60 seconds.  Complete 3-6 intervals first thing in the morning if possible, and experience the benefit of increased energy, clarity of thinking, decreased cortisol levels (unlike extensive physical training) AND 36 hours of FAT burning.  Yes that is how powerful this technique is.  This is the perfect busy schedule work out!  My mom is doing this and loves the results, I have been doing this for a few months as my schedule has filled up and love it.


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To Stress or Not to Stress?   That is the question and your choice of response makes all of the difference in the outcome.




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