A Day in the Sunshine: Prescription for a Happy Day


Here is your prescription for a Happy Day ?


1. Listen to 2 of your favorite songs.

2. Say I Love You, at least once today.

3. Look at and/or nurture a plant for 1 minute or more.

4. Remove one thing from your home that no longer serves you.

5. Listen to someone longer than you normally would, at least one time today.

6. Say thank you, minimum 1 time.

7. Spend 10 minutes in quiet and stillness.

8. Move for at least 15 minutes. A walk at lunch or after dinner. 15 minutes of yoga, your normal favorite exercise, or exercise during all the commercials during 1 hour of TV.

9. Take a picture of the sunset.

10. Write down 1 thing (or more) that you are grateful for today.


One last idea…  say your affirmations in the mirror, like Jessica does here




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