Children Dishware & Placemat


Finally, tableware specifically designed with your little one in mind!

Brinware offers a great alternative to traditional plastic tableware with a beautifully crafted selection of dishware and placemats. 

The durable, colorful silicone placements combine fun and function. Printed with the ABCs, these mats make mealtime that much more fun! Slip-resistant so that they stay in place, Brinware mats can be rolled up for easy on-the-go travel.

The tempered glass dishware with removable silicone cover is a definite must-have for any child. Each plate features an absolutely adorable design including owls, butterflies, pandas and more! Just slip the temptered glass dish into the removable silicone cover for protection and slip-resistance. 

The tempered glass is both microwavable and dishwasher safe. Love!





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