Getting Free Birth Control for Teens


Free birth control is available for teens who seek it. Whether the teen is sexually active, considering becoming sexually active or simply wants to get a handle on her menstrual cycle, birth control is probably a good idea. Most teens don’t have the money to pay for birth control, which can lead to unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases, some of which are irreversible. Let your teen know how she can get birth control, even if you can’t stomach the thought of her needing it.


There are different ways for a teen to get free birth control, whether from his family doctor, a government agency or a clinic. Under federal law, as outlined by the Department of Health and Human Services, Title X requires that confidential services are offered to teens, free of charge. The department is not allowed to disclose any information to the teen’s parents or send any documentation to the teen’s home, unless the teen gives his permission. Different government programs have different rules and regulations, such as how often the teen must check in to continue his coverage. Many clinics also provide free birth control services to teens.


The free birth control offered to teens helps to prevent unplanned, unwanted pregnancies and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Some teens may opt to have sex without birth control if parental consent is required, which is why clinics and government agencies offer confidential, free birth control. Your teen may be too embarrassed or afraid to talk to talk to you about sex and birth control. Letting teens know where they can go, even if it’s only to ask questions, can protect them in the long run.


Different birth control methods work in different ways. Giving a teen options to choose which birth control method is best for her is important. Otherwise, she may forget or consciously decide not to use it. The more educated a teen is about birth control, and how to get it for free, the more likely she is to obtain it if she needs it. Free birth control for teens serve the community as a whole from teens having babies they don’t want and can’t take care or, as well as limiting the effects of sexually transmitted diseases, depending on the method used.

Time Frame

The clinic, doctor’s office or agency you go through for free teen birth control will determine the time frame for when the teen can get it. Some clinics allow you to walk in and get birth control the same day. Other clinics require appointments. Some government agencies may schedule an appointment for the following day, while others may qualify you right away.


The time frame for birth control to begin working depends on the method chosen. Talk to your teen so she understands that not all birth control protects her from STDs. Opening the lines of communication for your teen to talk to you about sex ensures she gets the correct information in the manner you wish to deliver it. If you aren’t open enough to educate her, someone else might be. Avoiding the topic or shutting her down won’t prevent her from wanting or needing birth control.

Teens should try to talk to their parents if at all possible. Your parents were teens one day and most likely have experience with birth control and sex. Some parents will happily discuss your options and respect you for being honest with them.



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