Kate Walsh: “I Would Definitely Love to be a Parent”

Kate Walsh may be the star of a hit TV show, but she still wants more. The 43-year-old actress expected to be settled down with kids by now.

“I feel like a loser. I would definitely love to be a parent,” the “Private Practice” star tells More magazine. “But I definitely don’t think I want to do it on my own.”

“I thought I’d be married and have three or four kids,” she admits. “I always knew I wanted to be an actress, but I think I always wanted a quote-unquote normal life.”

One thing Kate isn’t worrying about, though? Aging in Hollywood.“It certainly requires you to take care of yourself. But I like to eat food, and I don’t diet,” she says. “I do Pilates, and hike with my dog. As you get older, everything changes. Everything starts getting…looser. But I think it’s important to accept that. I’m lucky. I’ve got pretty good genes. But I think it’s a weird thing to fight it.”



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