Trendy Names for Baby Girls


While some moms and dads deliberately seek names that are uncommon, others desire trendy names that are current and representative of the time in which their soon-to-be born daughter will enter the world. As with all things, names wane and ebb in popularity due to a number of cultural factors. If you are on the hunt for a trendy name for your little girl, consider some of the in-the-now choices from which you can select.


Addison is a popular contemporary choice. This name, which is akin to old classics like Addie or even Adelaide, has been featured in an assortment of contemporary television programs and movies, including the popular television medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy.”


The name Isabella held the number 1 baby name spot in the year 2010, reports the Social Security Administration. This name is commonly near the top of baby name lists. This may be attributed to the fact that it is the name of the protagonist in the popular “Twilight” series of novels and films.


The old classic, Emma, has gotten a new lease on life in recent years. This name, related to the perennially popular Emily, has sat near the top of the baby name list for a number of years. Parents may opt for this feminine favorite due to its simplicity and daintiness.


Parents who seek a regal-sounding name may select the trendy Olivia for their new daughter. This name is another that has experienced a resurgence and is going through a popularity spike in 2010.


The name Sophia was once popular on the Greek Islands and in Italy, and is now growing in popularity in the United States. This name has become more widely known in the United States due to films featuring characters with this name, such as the musical theater hit turned blockbuster film, “Mamma Mia!” Parents who select this name may also elect to use common nicknames associated with this name, such as Sophie.


The palindromic name, Hannah, has captured the hearts of many parents in recent years. This two-syllable name may appeal to parents due to its simplicity and ease of pronunciation. Additionally, this name is generally quite feminine, making it a wise choice for parents who hope to turn their infant into a petite princess.



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