How Celine Dion Got Her Body Back


You wouldn’t even know that Celine Dion had twins if you took a look at her body now!

The 42-year-old singer gave birth to baby twin boys Nelson and Eddy five short months ago and has already gotten her figure back. Tips and tricks for slimming down from the singer include breastfeeding. Regarding the topic, she said "you get busy with twins and you feed them so they help you to recover very fast. I helped them help me."

The singer says that the time length of which she got her slim figure back wasn’t of utmost priority. She stated, "it’s not important. I’m not a model." The singer who continued her Las Vegas shows said she wasn’t concerned about being able to fit into a size 0 or 2 dress, and that she just wanted to find a dress that suited her body at the time.

Regardless, she achieved a rockin post baby bod in almost no time at all!



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