The Harmony of Letting Go


Letting go is essential to make room for new good to come in.  Let go of a belief or a mental should-do that has been weighing you down, no longer serving you.

De-clutter beliefs to create space in your mind, just as you would de-clutter your home.  We cling so tightly both mentally and physically to things that need letting go.

The act of letting go is so simple and profound, yet an aspect of life that many of us struggle with.

What is your heart telling you?  What does your body whisper?  When it is time to move on, let go in keeping with the flow of life.  It’s not sad.  It’s beautiful.

You are remarkable. Your life is a gift. Letting go is part of living your life to the fullest.

Take a deep breath in, then breathe out and let go of one thing today.


“Small steps create big leaps”. A A Naqui


Today’s Goal:

Be more of who you are

Let go of who you are not



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