Jon and Kate Disagree Over Their Kids Being on Reality TV

Reality TV–good or bad for the soul?

Jon Gosselin, former reality TV dad on hit show "Jon and Kate Plus 8", said that it was unhealthy for his kids, 5-year-old sextuplets and 8-year-old twins, to keep doing the reality show.

Jon and Kate Gosselin filed for divorce June of 2010. Kate states that they used to always be on the same page and shared similar feelings about their kids involvement in the show being beneficial. However, when TLC announced that they’d be renaming the series "Kate Plus 8", Jon suddenly released statements to the media expressing disapproval for his kids’ to be on the show as they shouldn’t be filming while their parents are going through a divorce.

Kate still stands by her belief that reality TV is good for their family. It provides them with fun trips that they wouldn’t get to do under other circumstances and it’s still exciting to the 8 kids when the camera crew rolls in. Despite how exciting the trips may be, it does not compensate for the excruciating effects that the parents’ divorce is having on the kids. Collin and Alexis were pulled out of school for anger issues that are thought to be related to the divorce.

Though divorce is extremely difficult on all parties involved, the mom is just doing her best to maintain a positive attitude and "to pick up from where [her] family left off and to continue with those traditions".



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