Kelly Rutherford Shares Parenting Tips


Kelly Rutherford has strong opinions when it comes to child-rearing. So much so that she wants to write a book someday.

“I want to write a book, Everything Starts at the Playground,” the Gossip Girl star, 42, tells People. “It’s very important. I think it’s really the best thing you can do to equip your kids, to travel with your children and teach them manners and how to deal with people is huge.”

The mother of two – Hermes, 4, and Helena, 22 months – further explains her title. “Because it does start at the playground. You see the parents that don’t intervene, that don’t take the time to say, ‘No this is not appropriate behavior’ and this is why when you get older this won’t work. When they’re younger, they need to know.”

For Kelly, using rewards as a teaching tool has made quite the impact on her son.

“I always say to my son the reason you get so many toys is because you’re a gentleman. I use the superheros to give examples of that. Superman helps little ladies across the street, he’s there to help people. Robin Hood, the same thing.”

Using popular images that her son can relate to is crucial. “I tell him to visualize what he wants in his life. You can use the tools that are there that the kids love, as examples of how to be. We try to give examples in a nice way and an easy way that they can understand.”

But, as far as progress on that book goes, the busy mom says it will have to wait – for now. “It would be fun. I need time – I need a little Tuscan villa for six weeks.” Who doesn’t??



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