Today, I Am NOT Going to Struggle!



What amazes you in life?

Take a few moments today to think about it.

Much of life is amazing, yet we forget to take time to feel amazed.  When you think about things that amaze you, it is equivalent to adding happiness jewels to your day.

As parents we quickly get caught up in the self- betterment cycle instead of just being and enjoying.  We don’t have time to think of happiness.  We can’t see what is amazing in our life because we are too busy thinking about what we can do better.  We are too busy struggling.

Today try to give up struggling and just be.  It is in the state of just being that happiness is found.  Happiness is not in the should-dos or should-have done.  It is in allowing yourself to be just as you are right now.

Today, declare I am not going to struggle.  I’m going to treat today as a miracle.  Soak up all the smiles and notice all the happiness jewels that present themselves.

Today is a miracle just the way it is.  Believe that and the day will unfold miraculously, and show its true colors to you.  All that is required is that you just be, and the rainbow will appear.



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